Parking, Traffic & Lighting Survey

From discussions and surveys with our members, we know that parking and traffic is a big challenge within the Business Park. In May, President Ted Smart and two others from the HWBPA committee met with Banyule Council Officers to discuss parking, traffic, lighting and beautification within the Business Park, and how we can address and overcome some of these challenges. From that meeting came funding to get a survey out to all concerned within the HWBP, and we are pleased to announce that the survey will be open and ready for responses early in the new year.

Car parking in particular is an issue, and a complex one at that, so we may not be entirely happy with the result because of the many factors involved. We cannot fix or change the past, but we will take the best case result as it stands today. We only have a set amount of parking on roads including indentations into nature strips, so make sure you have a business planning permit to operate, and hopefully we will see improvements in these areas over time.

If you want to start preparing for the survey, I encourage you to take photos of the issues you are having, or start a log if it’s a repeating issue, so you have evidence to support your case. If you have any questions or would like advice, do not hesitate to contact Ted on 0409 140 662 or president@hwbpa.org.au.


Posted 10th November 2020