Heidelberg West Business Park

Heidelberg West Business Park


The Heidelberg West Business Park has long been a hub for industrial and commercial businesses in Banyule. Positioned within La Trobe’s National Employment and Innovation Cluster, the estate has been evolving to accommodate a more diverse range of industry and business.

Home now to over 600 businesses with manufacturing, construction, automotive and wholesaling representing the majority of business, HWBP has one of the highest concentrations of jobs in Melbourne’s north-east and has the potential to become an even greater magnet for investment, jobs services and business.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of changes in consumer expectations, and are consequently adapting to offer locally designed, manufactured and sourced products. There is a renewed focus on Australian-made and ethically-sourced, with many in the Heidelberg West Business Park focusing on sustainability and a more socially-conscious approach.

HWBP plays a significant role in the economic and business development within the City of Banyule, employing more than 4,500 people and accounting for 10% of jobs in Banyule.

The Heidelberg West Business Park is located in the Banyule City Council, the boundaries of the estate include Sheehan Road to the west, Dougharty Road to the south, Bamfield Road to the east and part of Orr Street, part of Northern Road and Crissane Road to the north.

Businesses in the Park
People Employed

The Heidelberg West Business Park is located in the Banyule City Council. The estate boundaries include:


Crissane Road, part of Northern Road and part of Orr Street


Bamfield Road


Dougharty Road


C.T. Barling Resrve

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Heidelberg West Business Park Association

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Heidelberg West, VIC 3081